I feel you like how I see you

With lids closed assuming the truth.

I see you like how I felt you

An apparition I went through.



It was near the end of a day-long journey

A solemn close to a peculiar story

The sun with its outstretched arms waving goodbye

Dragging its cloak of crimson across the sky

I would have wanted to catch a glimpse if not

For the moment’s rush causing reason to blot

But oh, how she captured that picturesque scene

The rays bouncing on her locks and in between

And in those big amber orbs she traps with ease

Sparks of a passion none can do to appease

She filled my soul with so much longing to be

Not with perfection, but close to that as she

I could not deny that although the truth stings

It pays to be honest with one’s dark musings

Life’s sudden interruption when the rain came

The best opportunity to lose the game

As my spirits were drenched and my clothes sticky

While she, a mermaid who came out of the sea

Her ebony locks still a sight to behold

And crystal drops shimmered on her skin like gold

It was easy to see that it was not fair

To put her and me together to compare

For she came from the light and by it she lives

While I dwelt in the dim illusions love gives

Silently clashing at the faint penumbra

Yet I concede; she can have the last hurrah

Why must I fight when my heart already knew

That it too had been won- by stirrings anew?

Ladies and subtlety go play hand-in-hand

With sincerity, “the fairest in the land

Is certainly no one but you, mademoiselle”

She blushed and, to my surprise, I did as well.

Special thanks to theotherreviewer for helping me with my tenses. 🙂


No. 1 Prompt

Under the usual sky

Knowing what would happen next

Under the covers we hid

Leaving it all behind to rest

Everyone talks about things

Leaving out the truth at best

Envy and careless curiosity

Insisting the lines be twisted

Not that we care at all

Too busy minding ourselves

Here, there, and everywhere

Everything we touch is golden

Rumbling clouds can now be heard

Answering prayers thought to be in vain

Inside your ukulele sings in tune

Next to a voice calling for rain.


No. 1 Prompt

Leila’s Dream

More than strangers
Less than friends
But in a carnival crowd
With her back to his chest
And her right ear
Hearing his breath
Sweet nothings
What an excitement.

Hanging out
On someone’s sofa set
Seeking comfort
Their hands met
An accident
They liked how it felt
No other movement
Just contentment.

A summer cruise
Who would’ve known
The gang had fun
Parties thrown
But in a cabin
Near a window
She and he had fun too
Kisses they stole.

It’s been a while
She had to go
Now back
Her last home
In the sunken
She sat alone
Waiting, hoping
Then he came along.

Trek to a tree house
They rested
A coincidence
Both turned their heads
Their lips touched
Shocked but then
She pulled him in
He was hers again.

She was his again.

“Whenever I want you, all I have to do is dream.” — The Everly Brothers

Leila’s Dream


I’ve had my share of people
Coming and going and going away forever
They were just there one minute
And then it just feels they went away for the summer

But as time passes by, and how quickly it flies
I realize that I’ll never see their eyes

And I see the butterflies
And that’s how I know
The butterflies
Look at them go

On your head, on your arms, on your knees, on your feet
Fluttering close to your heart in a beat
And they stay as if they don’t want to leave you yet.

Originally written on May 26, 2017.

Requiescat in pace.


It’s Story Time, Kids!

Once upon a time,
A few hours ago
I reopened the portal
And said hello.

You were the one last time,
I still remembered,
But more relaxed.
I was glad.

You saw me,
Laughed at a joke,
And began to tell
A tale of your hell.

I listened
And cringed internally.
Your love was there,
Yet never meant to be.

Another confession-
This must make us friends now.
Pouring out emotion
Does give the impression.

And suddenly-
But not quite out of the blue-
you suggested tonight
That we rendezvous.

What for?
I asked with care
Lest expectations shatter-
I have been there.

“Well,” you said.
You just wanted to talk.
Why not now then?
You liked a moonlit walk.

I adore la luna…
But that was ridiculous!
And still,
I longed for the thrill.

“What of suppertime?
They know no suitors.
They will think…
‘The gal’s been sharing a drink!'”

You responded with guffaws.
The nerve!
Why it matters so,
I refuse to know.

After that, silence.
But it made me recall
What you said before:
“Damn them all!”

The thoughts that talk aloud
Were now deafening
Until they shushed when-
“Are you coming?”

How I radiated
A great affirmation!
But what came out was
A voice of hesitation.

You sensed it.
The predator,
Seeing the prey not worth it,
Ultimately surrendered.

I panicked,
Thinking of lost chances.
Capulet and Montague-
Bonds tested too soon.

“I am ready!”
All care thrown into the waste!
I sounded too eager,
and that was the trigger.

You called it off.
I smiled at you,
Relieved to be freed.
The void inside disagreed.

And that, dear readers,
Is the too-long story
Of how I lost my toothbrush
Along with my dignity.

It seems to me that I built this up to something dramatic, only to disappoint. But isn’t that a great parallel to the story?

Have better dreams, children of the world.

It’s Story Time, Kids!

Bite Your Tongue!

I promised myself a miracle
Not the most foolish yet
Until I also swore in the air
Of and to a dear soul departed

And now I cannot keep away
From what I uttered to keep in silence
She must be looking down on me
Disappointment from the heavens?

Does she know? You ought to
I do not try, but I did and
Look where it has gotten me
The wrong position when in quicksand

It took years of on-and-off months
Destroyed when you thought my question wrong
Though both at fault, you left yourself out
Must be mocking me for that song

You want arguments when there are none
Is it the attention, is it fun?

You give me smiles to boil my blood
Who the hell do you think you are, God?

I hate to be running out of rhymes
But then again anger rarely dies
And the one apology you deserve:
Sorry, you only get goodbyes

I feel the need to reiterate
I shall put my foot down once more
You made this about you (naturally)
But this is for her and for her alone

So to empty words, never again
Adios, do svidaniya, adieu
And finally I say my litanies
To unbind myself from you.

Originally written on May 23, 2017.

I beg your pardon, ma’am.

Bite Your Tongue!