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I started this blog in the middle of summer 2015 for three reasons:

  • I wanted to put myself *out there* in a low-key way (having a blog entirely dedicated to my thoughts may not seem demure, but compared to social media and judging how I don’t do promotions, it kinda is)
  • Back then, my faulty-but-loyal (just like me) laptop had a 50/50 chance of survival, and I wanted to save my written works in this format even though some of them weren’t made to age well and weren’t written with an audience in mind
  • If my memory still serves me right, a close friend of mine suggested that I put up my own blog, either because she believed my works deserve to be published or so I would stop pestering her to check out my work every single time I came up with something (no matter the reason, thank you for your support!)

The first thing I wrote was actually a story, with the moon as my muse. Fun(?) fact: this blog used to be called the melancholic moon because I only wrote when I was moody and felt the heavy weight of the world on my shoulders, but I changed it when I realized I could write about lighter content, too. Shortly after that, I explored poetry and discovered how much I enjoyed the experience and how it felt more natural… I felt more at home.

Now, after three years of hiatus, I’m back with new compositions, fresh musings inspired by recent experiences, and my way of retelling the same old stories that the spectrum of the human experience offers. I’ve made this blog an outlet of my frustrations (evident in several posts) ever since it was born, and it continues to be one of my lifelines, especially in my personal struggles with the current pandemic.

So, to you who thought checking out this site would be worth your time,
Thank you!

Feel free to browse the tabs found on the MENU for my stuff. Stay safe! And may the universe still work with you to achieve your goals despite the continuously growing entropy.

— Jay Gabby —